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Is it possible to instrument Redis via APM with Java agents to get a visual representation of transactions?


I know there is an extension for Redis metrics, but is it possible to instrument Redis via APM using java agent or other agent to get a visual representation of the transcations as you do with any .net or standard java application? I'm not seeing that you can.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi. According to what I'm seeing, Redis is written in C, so we could not instrument it with an APM agent. 

I understand that instrumentation of redis itself is not possible as it is written in "C".


But isn´t it possible to see redis calls as a "Remote Service" like Kafka-Topics, HTTP-Requests or called Webservices to get generell statistics for these calls (calls, errors, resp-time) gathered by the java-agent?


Maybe there is a way to add manual instrumentation for this?


I have an app built with SpringBoot and Spring Cache Abstraction, using Redis through Lettuce. I need to monitor via APM AppDynamics tool, but by default it only gets data from Jedis. I can create an exit point in AppDynamics, but I need to know exactly which class and method is responsible for opening the connection and executing commands to REDIS. Can anyone help me with this issue?