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Health rules automation and dynamic discovery of instances when auto-scaling


We are basically having 2 challenges setting up Appdynamics in our env.

1. There are around 200 health rules and corresponding alerts to be set up. We are running a SAAS version of Appdynamics. Is there any automation script or way to set up these other than manual setup.

2. In our env. we have 2 AZs with the same application running on both the instances and both the instances have the same name. Hence we are using tag as instance id so that it doesn't conflict. But by this method whenever an instance is autoscaled, we have to manually update in the Health rule so that the alerts are configured on the new instance. Is there any way of this being avoided and the old instance id is replaced by the new one when autoscaled.






Let me address both problems


For challenge 1 there are two ways


1. You can export an HR and make the necessary changes and then export this via rest api : Refer:


2. You can use fast config utility: I don't think this is available publicly but please contact your respective consultant or your account owner for this. This is a very useful utility though.


Let me know if you have more question I can help