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Export Service Endpoint Rules and Scopes Configuration Import and Export API

By reading I found out how to export and import various types of configuration - but what about rules for service endpoints and scopes? How do I go about to export and import those?







Hi Mattias


You can use the following endpoint as a start to query the scope within an application


https://<controller url>/controller/restui/transactionConfigProto/getScopes/<applicationid>


It will give you and output of the scope definition


Then you use the following endpoint to create it in another application

https://<controller URL>/controller/restui/transactionConfigProto/createScope?applicationId=<application ID>


However AppD has already created a tool to do this for you, just log a call to AppD Support and ask for a tool called Config Exporter. They will give you a version of the tool depending on your controller.


This tool has a UI, which you can add your Controller/s and then migrate settings, including the scopes etc.



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Got hold of Config Exporter - and I'm able to export/import everything except for custom service endpoints (ASP_DOTNET). They just don't show up in config exporter - however a list of tiers that holds custom service endpoints shows up with a green check mark, but can't proceed when highlighting any of them. When exporting all configuration for my application ServiceEndpointDefinition's are there - but just doesn't show up in config exporter.






Any ideas?





Found out that service endpoints are exported/imported tier by tier - therefore I had to select a tier in config exporter -> click SERVICE END POINTS in left pane and then custom service endpoints were listed fine!