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Downstream business transaction tier errors are not reporting in the metrics for the business transaction


Hi guys,


Does anyone have the same problem where downstream tiers in a business transaction don't report their errors to a business transactions error metrics?


For instance, a business transaction doesn't error on the first tier, but on a downstream tier connected by JMS it does. My expectation is an error should be reported in errors per minute for that business transaction. It does not. The errors are visible in the 'errors' tab however for this business transaction, but without error reporting in the metrics I am unable to alert off these errors.


Interested to see if anyone has come across this problem or has a solution.


Kind Regards,




Vaibhav Vir.Singh

Hi @James.Ward ,

It might hard to provide solution with above scenario without looking into details of your application tracing occuring across tiers.

But in general a BT reports error per minute as usual and i believe you are getting those values.

But if you drill down (or see a trxn snapshot) you would notice error is reported just for one tier apart from all traversed tiers of the application.
This is happening because Errors are reported at the layer where its occurring. So if there are 2 tiers your BT is traversing and error is caught on first tier, it will be tier1 which will have those details captured and which as per me makes sense as well.

So if you check trxn snapshot flowmap of that BT(which got errorred out) you will see tier with error in red OR if you check the waterfall view, it's the request which gets errored out will be highlighted than successful one's.

Hope this helps.



Hi @Vaibhav Vir.Singh,

The problem I have turns out to be that appd BT's aren't designed to report errors on asynchronously called downstream tiers.

"Errors that occur on a downstream tier that are not propagated to the originating tier do not result in a business transaction error. If the originating client receives a 200 success response, for example, the business transaction is not considered an error. The error contained within the downstream tier does count against the Error Per Minute metric for the continuing segment. "

It's pretty frustrating honestly as I can't do accurate alerting on the BT, but I have raised an IDEA to fix it.
Please upvote it:

Appdynamics Business Transactions do not Report Er... - AppDynamics Community

Kind Regards,