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"Advanced Agent Operation permission"

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"Advanced Agent Operation permission"



I am trying to work with the permissions to give a user the ability to start an On-Demand Capture Session, and on the documentation for this, it states you need to give them "Advanced Agent Operation permission".  I cannot find this permission listed anywhere and any search for a reference to this in the documentation just brings me back to that same page.  What is the proper permission I need to enable to get this working since the one in the documentation does not appear to exist?


Thank you.

"Advanced Agent Operation permission"

Re: "Advanced Agent Operation permission"

Hi Nicholas, 


" Agent Advanced Operation " Permission will be at the " Applications " tab in "Roles" section tied to the user. Once you are in the "Applications" tab, look for " Default Permissions " and then click on " Edit" . It will open a new window " Edit Permissions ". The very first Permission listed in the window will be " Agent Advanced Operation" 


Administration - Roles - Applications - Default Permissions - Edit


Also, attaching an image for your reference. Hope, this helps.