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on premise controller doesn't register agents


installed on premise test controller on windows 2012 64 bit server (firewall turned off) i have license.lic with proper account and access key. i prepared machine agent installation from controller ui (with proper controller host/port/account and access key).

after agent installation and run it refuses to register due error:

Encountered error during registration. Method: SimMachinesAgentService#registerMachine(SimMachineMinimalDto) - Result: 401 Unauthorized


i can see that tcp connection from agent to controller has been established on port 8090 (no ssl),

i assured that access key on agent's controller-info.xml is the same as on controller license ..

any hints what should be wrong ?

i can see that controller is trying to reach some external service but fails with error: Communication failure with service (, even after i had set proxy name/port correctly to enable internet communication of controller... maybe this should be a cause of issue

any hints appreciated


on premise controller doesn't register agents
AppDynamics Team

Dear Ratislav,
Can you confirm that you are talking about a MachineAgent (this is what I can deduce from the error message)?

Did you enable SIM in the controller-info.xml of this agent? <sim>true<sim> (not quite sure from my memory).

If yes, can you confirm you have a valid license for SIM (Server Visibility)?


Let us know.



yes it's machineagent.

no i had not enabled sim functionality, agent has been run without any config change after download (via controller ui).


any help please ? my onprem test license ends 27.4.