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importing health rules via REST WAPI


importing health rules via REST WAPI

Taken from here:



trying to import health rules and get this window, which does not accept any known credentials.




Any idea why it wont accept credentials?

importing health rules via REST WAPI

Re: importing health rules via REST WAPI

Hi, Can you use Poster plugin or such tool where you can send POST HTTP Type requests? 
sample link


Please be sure when user hit at browser as it looks from your screenshots, it makes GET request not POST, hope that clarifies.
Format of credentials for info for popup you have referred:

user name: <username>@<accountname>
password: <password>

user name: user1@customer1
password: welcome

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Re: importing health rules via REST WAPI



It might not be accepting credetials because account name might not have been specified.


If it is a single tenant controller, then for example, username needs to be specified as user@customer1. This is because customer1 is default account name in single tenant controller.


If it is multi tenant on premise controller, to know the account names:


<controller_home>/bin/ login-db

select id,name from account \G



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