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extract overall all configured alerts(Health Rule) in AppDynamics




Our Appdynamics is hosted on Saas and we want to extract all health rule config details like name, effects, conditions(warning, critical), enabled/diabled ,etc.


We want to use a curl command or REST api to extract it.


Can you please help here as we hosted AppD on SaaS.

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extract overall all configured alerts(Health Rule) in AppDynamics

Have you gone over the documentation already on how to do this?


You will have to create a user with a password. Here is an example command with the username of restapiuser, and other generic vales in the needed fields.

curl -s --user restapiuser@customer1:password "http://controllerHost:8090/controller/healthrules/AppName" > AppNameHealthRules.out







You can also find the rest Api to use by enabling developer tools in your chrome browser and watching the rest Api calls made by the appdynamics controller ui. Also take a look at the appdynamics dexter code on github

AppDynamics Team

This can be done for APM applications using, specifically in

For all other types of applications, that is going to be in the next release per

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