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View total number of metrics/minute the Controller is collecting


The controller system requirements, specifically the "Controller Performance Profile Definitions"that should be used are based off of the "Maximum Metric Count/Minute." How do you view or calculate that in an existing installation?

View total number of metrics/minute the Controller is collecting
AppDynamics Team

Hi Jonathan,

Please refer to the below link to get the detail

Also you can run the below query to determine how many metrics inserted per minute in controller DB.

mysql> select from_unixtime(ts_min*60), NOW(), count(distinct(node_id)), count(*) from metricdata_min where ts_min > (select max(ts_min) - 10 from metricdata_min) group by 1 order by 1;


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Is it possable to get the total number of metrics/minute the Controller is collecting per application ?



This query will give the you start time used in the query, the end time, application name, number of nodes per application, and number of metrics per application.

SELECT from_unixtime(ts_min*60), NOW(), AS application_name, count(distinct(mm.node_id)), count(*) FROM metricdata_min AS mm, application AS a 

WHERE ts_min > (SELECT max(ts_min) - 2 FROM  metricdata_min) AND ts_min < (SELECT max(ts_min) FROM metricdata_min) AND = mm.application_id GROUP BY application_name, 1 ORDER BY 1;

Great thanks looks good. Will have to run when we have load.

Is it possible to get metrics per minute by tenant on the Controller?