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Troubleshooting port 9191 is in use


Troubleshooting port 9191 is in use

So, i was installing Appd On Prem, and i skipped a few steps, so eventually i decided to uninstall it, so i just ran the uninstall script, so that i could do a fresh install,

But, during installation, i ran into the following error

The following errors occurred:

Enterprise Console Application (9191) is in use.


Please resolve the errors and retry this operation.

On reading documentation on this it said, make sure your Enterprise console host name is right,
which i made sure was right, but i am still getting this error.

On trying to access the controller from a browser by using controllerhostip:9191/
It now shows me a login page but doesnt allow me to login because the installation isn't complete.

Any help would be appreciated.

Troubleshooting port 9191 is in use