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Setting up Events service host on windows


Setting up Events service host on windows

I'm trying to add Host through on-prem Linux enterprise console Server with below,
the machine I want to add is windows 
in the GUI I added Credential Name which I created through Credential Manager 
and added the private key for the host I want to add,
when I try to add the host through the GUI or the command line it tells me
as screenshots below 
Enterprise Console host expansion failed:
A failure occurred: Validate SFTP configuration
Error message:
Task failed: Verify connection
on host: controller
as user: Abdulrahman.kazamel
with a message: Failed to connect to the remote host. Please verify that the hostname and credentials you provided are correct.
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Setting up Events service host on windows
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Re: Setting up Events service host

Hi @Abdulrahman.Kazamel,


Please check out this Knowledge Base article How to troubleshoot Events Service installation using Platform Admin and let me know if you found this helpful. 

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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Re: Setting up Events service host

Hi Abdulrahman


I don't believe cross platform installations through the EC is supported. You can log a support request to get confirmation.


If you need to do it this way, instead of using Linux only, you can setup the Event Service manually, instead of doing it through the EC.


I would suggest sticking to Linux only if possible.



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