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Restore Controller Database


Restore Controller Database

I want to restore the controller's database from metadata backup(level2) to new enviroment.

New environmet have same hostname and ip address and version.(Ver4.4.2)


The document states that using the user "controller @ localhost" to import the data,
but I do not set the password for the user "controller@localhost" when installing.


It was possible to restore using user "root @ localhost".

What is the password for user "controller @ localhost"?

As I did, is the restore correct using the user "root @ localhost"?


>$install/db/bin/mysql -u controller -p<ControllerDBpassword> controller < metadata_dump.sql

Restore Controller Database
AppDynamics Team

Re: Restore Controller Database

You can use the same "root" user through which you took the dump or you can use "controller" user with default password as "controller"(<ControllerDBpassword>).


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Re: Restore Controller Database



Thank you for your replay.

I understood!