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Regarding capturing end to end transaction


Regarding capturing end to end transaction


Running 3 spring boot java services in Ubuntu machine.

Installed Java app agent in ubuntu machine

Q1 : If i want to track all 3 java applications, should i need to start 6 agents and give it respectively while starting those?

for ex 

In AppDynamics UI - 

Will create 1 application, add  1 tier and have 3 nodes

java -agent  agentnode1 microservice A

java -agent agentnode2 microservice B

java -agent agentnode2 microservice C


Q2: To track Database calls in Application

      i've MongoDB database - so installed machine agent and database agent, it is configured and running fine.

But in Application - even after i connected to data, i'm not getting Database calls.


Q3: I've AngularJS application hosted in nginx, i would to track call from web app to Spring boot java server.

How to configure AngularJs Web App hosted ngnix?


Can you please share the steps to configure for above 3 queries.


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Regarding capturing end to end transaction