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Publishing Data from Controller


Publishing Data from Controller

Hi Experts,

I am looking for exporting data from Appdynamics controller for sepcific metric for one application to some other source.

So wanted to know if we have any out-of-box feature available in Appdynamics where data (and not events) could be published?


I know we can extract data using REST API from controller using cron scripts. But am looking for some internal feature where i dont have to do much customization.


Appreciate your help and response.




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Publishing Data from Controller
AppDynamics Team

Re: Publishing Data from Controller

Hi Vaibhav,


Unfortunately there is no internal feature for sending metric data to a different source. The option is what you already thought about it, use REST API with CURL to send data to a different source.


This might not be helpful for this question. But FYI we have some alerting extensions which has a capability of triggering activity on other tools based on Health Rule, Policy violation. 




AppDynamics Team

Re: Publishing Data from Controller

Consider using It can be scripted to run the extraction for you and present with results without much effort

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