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Monitoring a stand-alone C++ native application


I was excited to see that there is a C/C++ agent.  I downloaded and installed it and that's where the trouble started.  There was an error in the install.bat file.  Once I got past this I added the sample code to the startup routine.  I can't get the function appd_sdk_init to return as successful.  It always returns -1.  I restarted the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service but it still didn't work.  The docs say to run some command called 

/opt/appdynamics-sdk-native/ &


I'd like to at least get a C/C++ agent installed.  Can someone help me get over this hump? 


Here is where I am at in the help topics
FWIW - Instrumenting a C#.Net app was a walk in the park...

Monitoring a stand-alone C++ native application
AppDynamics Team




I think you are referring to the wrong section of our Documents.Please refer the following section 

 "Install the SDK on Windows" section in the following link

You need to run a batch file to run the proxy instead of a shell script in windows.


I can see that there is a similar issue raised in we can discuss the issue in any one of them of your choice.It would be easier for us to track.


Thanks and Regards,

Sajna Sreenivasan






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I am in the right part of the documentation but it is missing the shell command for Windows