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Mask Sensitive Data in URLs


Mask Sensitive Data in URLs

We want to mask sensitive data that comes with URLs or Params to our services.

The Sensitive Data can be Found with regex.


This can come at any part of a url

for example:


We want to add a rule that masks all the URLs with * --> BT /endpoint/***/get --> BT /endpoint/get/***


I found the documentation:


But it is not working. Can you give an example of how it will work for the given examples?


Mask Sensitive Data in URLs

Re: Mask Sensitive Data in URLs

It was told by Appd Support that this is not possible:


"If that is the case, then the sensitive data filter will not solve your purpose. Rather, you'll need to define custom Servlet BT detection rules based on the URI matching with a regular expression. Please refer to for more information on this."