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Information Points per Node


Information Points per Node


To continue from this post,, is there now a way to break out data from Information Points by Individual Nodes like you can for every other metric? I find that Information Points hold little value if you cannot tell what node is problematic. The question was asked two years ago and it appears there still isn't support for it, so I'm following up to get a current status for my leadership.




Information Points per Node
AppDynamics Team

Re: Information Points per Node


Our understanding is you want to compare two different information points from same application or both from different applications. If yes then we can add different merics to custom dashboard to compare by selecting custom metrics and adding required metric.

Like in below screen i have two different applications which i have added to timeseries widget. We can add any metrics from metric browser to dashbaord and compare.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 10.36.30 AM.png


Hope it helps.



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Re: Information Points per Node


Thanks for the reply, however that is not what I'm looking for. For the two applications I support we tend to have more infrastructure related issues than application issues, therefore I need all metrics of everykind -- including Information Points -- to be able to be broken out by individual nodes. In your screenshot it just shows one line that is generalzed down to the entire application which is the sum of all nodes as an application. Most, if not all, metrics are available on a node-by-node basis, but Information Points are a gap in this.




Re: Information Points per Node



I have this same question.


Hey AppD, this is a pretty obvious capability that you seem to be missing.