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Helathrule Suppression


Helathrule Suppression



I have a healthrule suppression schedule enabled and it doesn't seem to be working as expected.


The requirement is to suppress or disable helathrule between 1 AM and 6 AM only on Sundays, and this the cron entry that i set up (see attached).


start time cron expression: * * 6 ? * 7

end time cron expression  : * * 1 ? * 7


If this is incorrect, please advise what needs to be modified. Thank you!

Helathrule Suppression

Re: Helathrule Suppression

Does anyone have an answer? :)


Re: Helathrule Suppression

I think you might have your start and end crossed so i switched them.  Also, for Sundays, shouldn't that be a '1' instead of a '7'?  Here's the result based on those adjustments.


start time cron expression: * * 1 ? * 1

end time cron expression  : * * 6 ? * 1


Here's a doc on cron format standards.