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Grouping of business transactions


Grouping of business transactions

Hello All,


I have grouped some similar business transactions. Now I am returning to "All BTs" and don't want to keep the ones that I already have included in the group. After deleting those from the "All BT" section the BTs have disappeared from the group as well. Is there any way to keep those in the group where I can delete the same in all BT section to keep the list of BTs minimal? 


Another query: When I am choosing the filter to show groups only I am not able to see the BTs under the groups. The groups are blank, but when I am clearing the filter and selecting the groups, I can find the BTs inside the group. Any idea why it is happening?


Thanks in Advance

Grouping of business transactions
Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Re: Grouping of business transactions

In regards to your query as to why you are not seeing any BT after selecting "Groups filter" is because you are already in the group that you have created. In that group if you enable filter "Groups", the controller will be looking for any sub group created in the group and as there are no subgroups it displays empty.


If you disable filter for "Groups", it will show the BT's that are in the group.