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Event Service snapshot does not restore.

Event Service snapshot does not restore.

I restore event service snapshot in new cluster.

But can not it.



I set "<nfs share>" in conf/ All nodes.


And restart event service cluster .


I done "bin/ snapshot-configure-fs -p conf/ "command.


I execed below command.

bin/ snapshot-restore -p conf/ -id snapshot_20180706105040 -p


But message appear

"Error executing request to event service due to REST status code [500]. For more information, view the event service logs".


" [ERROR]  [dw-123 - PUT /v1/admin/backup/clusters/default/snapshots/latest/restore]  [c.a.a.s.r.e.j.m.UnknownExceptionMapper]  Unknown exception occurred while processing HTTP request." was in logs/ events-service-api-store.log .


What is wrong?


Event Service snapshot does not restore.

Re: Event Service snapshot does not restore.

A question about how to restore to a new event service cluster.
The restore succeeded in the following way.

Is the following procedure correct?


1,Install a new event service cluster from the enterprise console.

2,Stop the cluster.

3,Rename the data directory.

4,Create a new data directory.

5,Change "" of "conf / events - service - api -" to the shared storage where the snapshot is saved.

6,Restart the cluster.

7,Run "bin / events - snapshot - configure - fs - p conf / events - service - api -" on each node.

8,Execute "bin / events - snapshot - restore - p conf / events - service --api -".