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Error in SQL Server database connection

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Error in SQL Server database connection

Setup a new database dashboard for SQL Server 2016


Getting an error related to ".SYS" sql statement


Trace it back to the Appdymanics make a call against the system tables by watch the database calls.


declare @p1 int

set @p1=NULL

exec sp_prepexec @p1 output,NULL,N'SET XACT_ABORT ON; SELECT perf1.counter_name, CASE perf1.cntr_type WHEN 537003264 THEN (CONVERT(FLOAT, perf1.cntr_value) / (SELECT CASE perf2.cntr_value WHEN 0 THEN 1 ELSE perf2.cntr_value END FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters perf2 WHERE (perf1.counter_name = SUBSTRING(perf2.counter_name,1, PATINDEX(''% base%'',perf2.counter_name))) AND (perf1.instance_name = perf2.instance_name) AND (perf1.object_name = perf2.object_name) AND (perf2.cntr_type = 1073939712))) * 100 ELSE perf1.cntr_value END as valueFROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters perf1 WHERE instance_name = ''_Total'' or instance_name = '''''

select @p1


Notice the "valueFROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters"


Can someone please fix "valueFROM" and put space before the FROM so that the dashboard will operate correctly.




Ken Plunkett




Error in SQL Server database connection