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Controller on Kubernetes or Docker based platforms


Controller on Kubernetes or Docker based platforms

Hello experts,
Just out of curiousity and with intermediate knowledge on kubernetes, I was just wondering if anyone tried installing Appdynamics controllers on Kubernetes or some other docker based platforms? And if yes, then what are his observations in terms of scalability and performance.

Reason am interested in such a kind is - we all know there is a constraint within AppD wrt horizontal scaling of controllers (we cannot have clustered controllers within active leg of architecture), I was thinking to create a base image for AppD controllers(standalone) and as the demand increases, you spinup another controller with no delay.
I understand that this will increase complexity of too many controller info to manage, but atleast time consumed in building of new clustered AppD env will be reduced (and cheaper than having full physical/virtual box provisioned)

I might sound weird but thought to highlight it over here for comments and suggestion.
(Like AppD on aws is awesome concept but due to some restrictions am not able to proceed on that thread)

Appreciate your help.


Controller on Kubernetes or Docker based platforms