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Connecting AppDynamics SaaS trial version to PostgreSQL


I am currently connecting Appdynamics Software as a service trial version with PostgreSQL.


Steps I am following,

  1. I have white-listed the AppD Software as a service Controller IP's for my region in my firewall. 




  1. Then I have downloaded the database agent file "Database Agent for Windows x64 - 64-bit windows (zip)" from


  1. Have configured "controller-info.xml" file with controller-host, controller-port, controller-ssl-enabled, use-encrypted-credentials, account-name, account-access-key values and saved it.


  1. Then to launch the database agent I used the below java command,

java -Xmx1536m -Djava.library.path="C:\Users\RAJA SAHE\Downloads\db-agent-64bit-windows-\auth\x64" -jar "C:\Users\RAJA SAHE\Downloads\db-agent-64bit-windows-\db-agent.jar"


I am facing the below issue,


28 Feb 2020 02:44:34,577 WARN [main] AgentUtil:62 - Possible reasons for unsuccessful agent resolver leading to agent disable: [Controller host info is supposed to be resolved, but found no resolved controller host info]
28 Feb 2020 02:44:34,577 WARN [main] Agent:123 - Could not resolve agent-controller basic configuration


Please assist me to troubleshoot this issue.


I have not configured the credential-store-filename, credential-store-password in the "controller-info.xml" file, Whether this is the rootcause for this issue ?


Connecting AppDynamics SaaS trial version to PostgreSQL
AppDynamics Team

Hi. Please private message me your configuration file.