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Baseline Deviation vs Baseline Percentage


Baseline Deviation vs Baseline Percentage

We are trying to create a health rule self service mode for our developers and we have some doubts on how to explain the difference between using standard deviations and baseline percentage.


Which is the difference between the calculation of both of them? And which are the best scenarios to use one or another?



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Baseline Deviation vs Baseline Percentage

Re: Baseline Deviation vs Baseline Percentage



Standard deviations will work better if you have periods where the range of values is wider than other period - an example might be more varying response times during busy times, as opposed to quieter times.

Comparing against a Standard Deviation will reduce false alarms in those scenarios compared with a comparison against baseline percentages.


If the range of values is constant over time, always distributed over the same range, then a Baseline Percentage would work just as well.


To demonstrate this, I would recommend finding an example in your Metric Browser of a series where the baseline changes by a small amount from hour to hour, but the range varies widely - this should also have larger shaded Standard Deviation values. I've attached an example - we don't want the spike at 7:50am to generate an alarm as we know performance can be a little erratic first thing in the morning. It is well over the baseline though.