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Azure sso saml

New Member

Azure sso saml

Hello all


We are trying to configure saml SSO with Appydynamics controller in the cloud and Azure. I'm following the below article to set this integration up, however a couple of task's that are mentioned in the article are not available to configure in Azure. They are:


  • advanced url checkbox
  • Saml Token attribute

In the article it mentiones and shows screen shots on how to configure both, but i cannot find these options in Azure for the AppDynamics enterprise application


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Azure sso saml
Community Manager

Re: Azure sso saml

Hi @Skip.hofmann,


Can you please attach screen shots of the screens of where those settings are missing during your set up. If there is anything sensitive on those screens, be sure to blur/cover them if need be. 

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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