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Audit metrics for agents


Audit metrics for agents

I'm getting a lot of "Agent Metric Registration Limit Reached" events in the application dashboard that state that the agents are reaching the max number of metrics that can be registered.


I know there is a parameter that can be passed to the java agent that can increase this metric limit (-Dappdynamics.agent.maxMetrics=<IntegerNumber>), however I want to determine exactly which metrics are getting counted towards this limit per agent (5000 metrics by default).


Recursively using the API, I managed to get the rough estimate of 5020 metric gathered for a particular agent, however I'm not sure if the method I used to calculate this estimate is correct.


Concretely, is there a way to determine exactly per agent which are the metrics that count towards the "Agent Metric Registration Limit"? I really need this number so I can set the java parameter appropriately and also know what kind of metrics (business transactions, errors, etc.) have the most impact on this limit.



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Audit metrics for agents