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New BT's are automatically sent to Analytics - How to disable that?


I work for a company with a big AppD footprint.  I frequently find myself disabling Analytics for auto-created BT's for things like a springbean catchall rule, that starts sending data for tons of tiers.

This data is not being used for queries, and it will often consume our data budget until the junk going into Analytics is disabled, but I'm currently disabling these by manually unchecking the box for each one, in Analytics config.

I don't understand how these BT's are getting designated for Analytics.  It's not coming from data collectors, and "Enable Analytics for New Applications" is not enabled.

How can I stop new BT's from automatically sending data to Analytics?





Community Manager

Hi @Gregory.Burkhead,

I was digging around on the AppD Docs site and could not find anything concrete, but wanted to share a page to the BT section incase you find something I missed -



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Community Manager

@Gregory.Burkhead I was trying to find this answer as well, and came across your post. I found this article on docs, that may help.

What concerns me is that you mentioned turning off "Enable Analytics for New Applications." That sliding button should turn that off for new apps and all BTs except All Other Traffic.

If that is the situation, there appears to be a bug, which would require support.