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Making sense of zulu time format is 'eventTimestamp' shows '2020-09-20T11:28:30.186Z'


Hello good folks


SELECT eventTimestamp FROM transactions WHERE application = "MyPROD" and eventTimestamp BETWEEN '2020-09-20T10:28:30.186Z' and '2020-09-20T10:28:40.186Z'


I get the data successfully, but the time is exactly 6 hours behind. What time zone or format is 2020-09-20T10:28:40.186Z


The letters 'T' and 'Z' represent the Zulu time format, but I can't understand the results. The results are exactly 6 hours behind the expected.





AppDynamics Team

Thank you for posting to the community.

The transaction data is stored in events service with UTC timestamp, so you need to specify UTC timestamp when searching with ADQL query.
However, the analytics page automatically converts the eventTimestamp in results to the local browser timestamp.

Depending on the timezone you are in, the eventTimeStamp in results and where query may seem to be inconsistent because of the conversion by the page.
In addition, any timezone can be explicitly selected in Display Time Zone setting of My Preferences page.

Best Regards,

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