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How do we retrieve logs from Azure for AppDynamics Log Analytics? (AppService / Log Analytics / AppInsights)



Using AppDynamics (SaaS Pro Edition), we would like to collect logs from Azure, so we are able to create useful custom dashboards. The data we are interested in is currently collected by Log Analytics in Azure, but we would like to have some of that data in AppDynamics as well. All of the documention related to Log Analytics in AppDynamics mentions Analytics agent installation, but I don't think it applies to Azure App services for example, there's just AppDynamics App Agent extension available and afterwards there's no configuration to enable some Analytics Agent that you need to select while configuring Agent Scope/Source Rules.

Is there a possibility to make use of Analytics Agents on Azure to fetch some logs?  Or is there another way to fetch the logs from Azure App Services that we can later see in Log Analytics or App Insights?

Couldn't find an answer in the documentation.


Thank you in advance!



Community Manager

@Marcin.Kluzek While not an expert on this subject, I do know it can be is a manual process, however, so please refer to this doc (Collect Log Analytics Data) as a starting point.

From what another expert has written...Azure provides a mechanism to send metrics and logs, like an event hub to push to our Events API. I believe Azure Monitor Extension is only good for metrics...

Minor edit to add document title – C. Landivar, Community Manager

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