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Failed to fetch From ES host

Failed to fetch From ES host



We recently did a fail-over and post failover the user experience monitoring does not fetch analytics data and fails with 401 error code on server log we see this message:


server.log_2020-05-23T01-14-45:[#|2020-05-23T01:12:43.160-0500|INFO|glassfish 4.1||_ThreadID=174;_ThreadName=http-listener-1(29);_TimeMillis=1590214363160;_LevelValue=800;|Creating events service client with the following parameters: scheme=[http], hostName=[], port=[9080], proxyHost=[null], proxyPort=[-1], useAsyncClient=[false]|#]
server.log_2020-05-23T01-14-45:[#|2020-05-23T01:13:59.178-0500|SEVERE|glassfish 4.1|com.appdynamics.ui.eum.impl.util.EUMUIAnalyticsUtil|_ThreadID=164;_ThreadName=http-listener-1(19);_TimeMillis=1590214439178;_LevelValue=1000;|Failed to fetch From ES host with, Error Code [401], Message [null]|#] 


We validated all the keys are matching, the endpoints are correct in admin.jsp, tried restarting the components with no luck. Any advice to resolve this is much appreciated. Thanks!


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Failed to fetch From ES host

Re: Failed to fetch From ES host

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