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Best practice for AIOPS

Gary Sun.Sun

Best practice for AIOPS


I have no idea which forum should I post to. So I post here and any suggestions are welcome.

I'm conducting a POV for showing our capabilities for AIOPS.

The customer already has ELK application.

I may have some thoughts about AIOPS but I have no idea about the role and position should Appdynamics does.

So I'm looking for suggestions and best practices for the applications of Appdynamics in AIOPS.


Best Regards,

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Best practice for AIOPS
Community Manager

Re: Best practice for AIOPS

Hi @Gary Sun.Sun  - 

Have you seen this information as a start>>

as you scroll down this page, you can see some use cases for AI Ops. Here is another page too with general information:


What specific questions do you have? Interested in your thoughts. 



Gary Sun.Sun

Re: Best practice for AIOPS

Hi Jeanie,

Thanks for your information. It brings me the concept of AIOPS.

Here's my question.

What is the role of Appdynamics in AIOps and how to show the capabilities to the customer?

Correct me if I'm wrong, as my understanding, Appdynamics is a runtime information provider.

It provides such as performance data, resources data, and alert to user or backend system.

In this case, I'd like to know how to improve the accuracy of alert and what kind of data should I provide generally.


In the POV I recently have, the backend system is ELK.

Has anyone ever done the integration before?

What kind of data should I send to backend and how? by filebeat? by acting as a rest server for providing data or by other way else.


Because the customer is a large company and our competitor is Dynatrace.

I don't want to lose this competition :)


Best Regards,

Community Manager

Re: Best practice for AIOPS

Hi @Gary Sun.Sun 


The information we have on AIOps and AppD we shared with you above. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the publicaly available info will help with your POV specific questions. We encourage you to discuss these questions with your AppD partner contact offline. 


This community is a great place to share info and ask questions of other AppD users.



Ryan, AppD Community Manager





Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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