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Resolved! APM210 and APM220 classes

Hi,Can someone pls help me with enrollment for APM210 and APM220 classes. I couldn't find anything on Appreciate your help! -Rajinder

Resolved! Retake exam cost

Hi ,   Can someone guide if cost is associated for failed exam re-take? If yes, how much ?   I'm planning to atempt "Performance analyst" exam but could not find the pattern of questions and not sure what kind of questions are asked. So bit skeptical...

Resolved! Sandbox AppDynamics Environment for Users

Team, Just wanted to check if anyone developed\used any utility (within or outside) that installs Appdynamics Sandbox environment which mainly focuses on functionalities, features and navigation to end users and customers. It should also have suggest...

Resolved! Appdynamics certifications

Hi   Can some one confirm if appdynamics certifications are available to take for the people in India ?   I intend taking appdynamics associate certified administrator exam. Can anyone let me know what's the exam code and latest version of the exam, ...