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AppDynamics Team

Getting started in AppDynamics University

Registering for and signing in to AppDynamics University

Reset your password

Getting support


Navigating AppDynamics University

Locating courses and viewing the calendar in AppDynamics University

Types of learning activities

Enroll in courses

Request hands-on lab access

Schedule private instructor-led training and use training units

Retaking a course

Getting support


Certification Exams

AppDynamics Certification Program overview

Prepare for a Certification exam

How to register for and access AppDynamics certification exams

Navigate to and launch your exam

AppDynamics Certification Policies, Terms & Conditions

Getting support


Learning Recognition and Technical Certification Badges

What are Badges?

Available Learning Recognition Badges

Available Technical Certification Badges

Partner Badges

Earn a Learning Recognition Badge

Earn a Technical Certification Badge

Share a digital badge

Past learning plan completion

Past exam recipients

Additional Resources: Learning Recognition Badges

Additional Resources: Technical Certification Badges


University Subscriptions Overview

Comparison of University subscription products

Private instructor-led training and Training Units

View your University subscription level

Purchasing a Premium University or Multi-user Education subscription 


Subscription and Voucher Management

View and modify users assigned to University subscriptions

View Information about your users’ University usage

How do I view my swap balance on a University subscription voucher?

Removing users from a subscription voucher

Managing Exam Vouchers, Workshop Vouchers, and Private Training days

Rename voucher code

Getting support

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