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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

What do I need to know about managing a University Subscription and Vouchers?

Customers can view and manage their AppD Education products on the Account Management Portal’s University Subscriptions page (

Users with the Company Admin role can:

  • See which AppDynamics University products your company holds
  • View which users are assigned to Premium seats and how many seats are available 
  • Assign users to voucher seats (including certification exams and workshops)
  • Assign an alias to a voucher

To learn about our different subscription offerings, see the Comparison of University Subscription Products

In this article:

Can I assign another user in my organization to manage the vouchers?

Yes, Company Admins can designate another user as a Company Admin, if needed. Learn all about user permissions and how to manage users in the Accounts Management Portal here.

How do I view and modify which users are assigned to my University subscription?

See View and Modify Users Assigned to Premium University Subscriptions.

How can I see information about my users’ University usage?

For Premium University and Multi-user Education Subscriptions, view the list of users assigned to the voucher. For each user, refer to the Date Last Active column, which shows the date the user last logged in to AppDynamics University. For more detailed training activity reports, please reach out to with your request.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 1.05.23 PM.png

How do I remove a user from a voucher? 

Company Admins can remove users from vouchers using our self-service tools.

If the user is no longer with your company, a Company Admin will need to disable the user from the account. Find more information here.

What about Exam Vouchers, Workshop Vouchers, and Private Training days?  

All purchased Education resources are displayed in Company Admins cannot assign Exam Vouchers, Workshop Vouchers, or Private Instructor Days through our self-service tools. 

How can I tell which University subscription I have if I’m not a Company Admin?

See View Your University Subscription Level.

Is there a way to rename the Voucher Code? 

Yes, Company Admins can give a voucher an alias! To assign a voucher alias, click on the voucher’s pencil icon (1), type the Voucher Alias (2) and click Submit (3). The Alias will replace the Voucher Code in the list.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 4.21.48 PM.png

How do I get more support regarding my AppDynamics University Vouchers?

On the Account Management Portal University Subscriptions page ( select Contact University from the menu. When the Contact University Team form appears, type your inquiry into the form and click Send. You can also email 


AppDynamics Team

Hello, how a customer can grant Standard University access to their partner?


Hi @Rafał.Komorowski !


Yes, you should be able to delegate someone else to university access. Please see the section 'How do I add users to my company account?here for the adding process.


'In AppDynamics, a user email may only be associated with 1 company account. If you try adding a user and receive the error: 

“This user email address is already a member of different AppDynamics
customer account and cannot be added to this company account.”

then that user already has an AppDynamics account using the same email for a different company account. In this situation, contact AppDynamics support for assistance.'


Hope this helps!

AppDynamics Team

Hello Johanna, thanks for your kind assistance.


There are obviously partners who have their accounts at AppDynamics and in the same time multiple underlying customers. Is there a plan to bring some new functionalities to our Accounts @appd and also University to enable our partners to have a better controll over their customer accounts?


Hi @Rafał.Komorowski ! 


That's a great question! I'd be happy to direct this question to an appropriate team member, feel free to write to us at: for a more detailed response.

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