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AppDynamics Team

Easier workflow for Company Admins when assigning University Subscription Vouchers to users in “pending” status

The AppDynamics University team has released another enhancement to our self-service voucher management tools in the Account Management Portal. Company Admins can now assign a University Subscription voucher to users who have not yet activated their AppDynamics account, and are still in a “Pending” status in the Portal. 

Why is this helpful? Until now, Company Admins had to add a user, wait for the user to activate their account, then return to the Portal to assign them to a University subscription voucher. With this change, Company Admins can assign a user to a subscription voucher immediately after adding the user to the Portal — no second visit required.

“Pending” Users assigned to a voucher will still take up one voucher seat until they are removed from the voucher. 

To learn about other enhancements the University team has made to the Account Management Portal’s University Subscription self-service tools, see our posts on Removing Users and Viewing your Swap Balance.