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revised September 20, 2021

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Hello AppDynamics Learners! Read these FAQs to learn about our new Learning Recognition Badge credential. If you have any additional questions, please click the Comment button and add them, below. 

To read about AppDynamics technical certification badges, see Introducing new AppDynamics Certification Badges

Table of Contents

What are badges?

Digital badges are credentials that provide a secure and verifiable way to share your professional story. They are one more way you can share and validate your achievements. 

Each digital badge consists of an image and metadata that are uniquely linked to you and your achievement. When you share this credential digitally, viewers are granted immediate access to validated information that features your knowledge and skills and verifies its issuance by Cisco and AppDynamics.

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What Learning Recognition badges are offered?

In addition to technical Certification badges, AppDynamics now offers Learning Recognition badges, earned after you successfully complete specific learning plans in AppDynamics University. They show your mastery of our new learning plan series, each of which encapsulates what you need to know to perform specific job functions, by role. 

Learning Recognition credential holders can demonstrate their comprehension level as consistent with Learning Plan objectives. 

For the most up-to-date list of Learning Plans, or to start your learning journey, check out AppDynamics University

Core APM
Performance Analyst
AppDynamics-Qualified_Business-Insights.png  AppDynamics-Qualified_Application-Support.png  AppDynamics-Qualified_Infrastructure-Management.png
AppDynamics-Verified_Application-Testing.png  AppDynamics-Qualified_Developer-Insights.png
AppDynamics-Qualified_Advanced-Configuration.png  AppDynamics-Verified_Administration-Foundation.png  AppDynamics-Qualified_Service-Ownership.png

PLEASE NOTE: Standard Subscription learners only have access to a Core APM Learning Plan.

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Are any AppDynamics Partner badges being offered?

Cisco Black Belt Academy helps partners build the skills foundation necessary to differentiate and deliver AppDynamics solutions. AppDynamics University, in conjunction with Cisco Black Belt Academy, awards badges to partner candidates in recognition of successful milestone achievements. 

Expect a separate announcement on AppDynamics Verified Sales Engineering 101, and AppDynamics Qualified Sales Engineering Masters badges in conjunction with the Cisco Black Belt Academy. 


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How do I earn a learning recognition badge? 

Earn a learning recognition badge by completing one of the applicable learning plans at AppDynamics University.

AppDynamics partners with Credly to deliver its Professional badges through its Acclaim platform. For a comprehensive view of our badge offerings, please visit our official Credly page.

PLEASE NOTE: Badge offerings are subject to change over time.

Once you’ve successfully passed or completed your learning plan, Credly, will send you email instructions for accepting and downloading your badge during our next batch run, typically within a week.

Learn more about other Cisco Certifications.

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How do I use my badge?

Use an AppDynamics digital badge to enhance your brand, by: 

  • Sharing your digital badges on any online platform: social media, email signature, resume, website, online portfolio, and more.
    Email Signature Example of an email signature with learning badgesEmail Signature Example of an email signature with learning badges

  • Enabling employers to quickly validate your certifications and achievements.
  • Receiving personalized certification recommendations, based on your earned credentials.

You can also search for new opportunities and compare salaries related to your certifications and accreditations.

For more information regarding AppDynamics Certification Policies, Terms & Conditions, please read here.

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What if I completed an eligible learning plan in the past?

Good news! Our system records will account for all past learners, allowing them to access their digital badges on the Credly platform at any time. 

We are still in the process of rolling out badges, which we expect to expand over the next several months. If you know you are already qualified but have not yet received an introductory email from Cisco via Credly, please let us know.

This is only applicable for active certifications, learning plans and courses, which are subject to updates.

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Additional Resources

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New Poster

Thanks for coming up with these badges.  Looking forward to earn my Core APM badge soonest.


@Alfie.Ordona  That's great! We wish you much success in earning that badge, and more after that! 

How to get Administrator badge? There is no Administrator learning path for now (Only Developer and Analyst).

AppDynamics Team

@Pavlo.Skorodziievskyi which learning plans might be visible at any time will depend on whether you are signed in to AppDynamics University, or not, and your current subscription level.  As noted above, with the exception of Core APM, the recognition badge family require an upgraded subscription as they record the successful completion of instructor-led training modules.  As a result, the learning plans for the Administrator role: Administration Foundation and Advance Configuration, will only be only accessible when a student is logged in with Premium University Subscription level access.


The various pages with the learning plans for the badges all have the same sentence:
"Completing this learning plan earns you a VERIFIED recognition badge and gives you the opportunity to take an assessment to earn a QUALIFIED recognition badge".

After getting a Verified badge, how do we earn the Qualified badge? What is this assessment?

AppDynamics Team

@Nuno.Carvalho, thank you for your interest in our recognition program. We've been working on platform integration while our content team has been finalizing the requisite assessment items. As soon as it all comes together and goes live we will be announcing it here first, to our Community. In the interim, we encourage you to continue to complete your preferred Learning Plans while earning additional AppDynamics Verified badges.


what is the exam costs , is it online or proctored exams 

Community Manager

Hi @Ahmed.Nasr,

Someone from the team has reached out to you via Private Message within the Community. Please be sure to check it out to followup on your question. 

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