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You may have seen the recent product announcement about SAML support for the Account Management Portal.

On the AppDynamics’ Education team, we’re really excited about this development. Customers who use SAML for Account Management Portal authentication will find it easier than ever to get users up and running in AppDynamics University.

Here’s how SAML for Account Management Portal works

  • Users who have the “AppDynamics” tile in their corporate identity provider’s applications listing can click the tile and a new AppDynamics account will be set up for them – no need for a Company Admin to set them up.
  • Once users have set their password, they can access the Account Management Portal to see their user profile, comment and post in Community, and access their Standard University subscription

What about other AppDynamics permissions?

A Company Admin is still necessary to grant the user greater permission within the Account Management Portal, assign them to a University Subscription voucher, or access any Controllers — but using SAML for authentication takes one step out of the process!

Read more about the new SAML Federation feature in AppDynamics Documentation.